Our Vision

To provide a sustainable and cost effective transportation eco-system
using power swapping features from the latest electric storage technologies.

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Who We Are

SHADO is a company founded in Singapore between Mr. Stephen Harper, a reputable European Car designer based in England and International Investors from Europe and Asia.

Our Board of Directors include Mr. Michael Dobbs-Higginson, ex-chairman of Merrill Lynch Asia Pacific, Mr. Ben Lim, a businessman based in Singapore with investments in Electric Vehicle Fleets operating in Indochina, and private investors from Singapore and Indochina.

SHADO is a designer and manufacturer of Electric Vehicles purpose-built for commercial fleet operations. Coupled with a unique swappable battery pack that is charged in centralised centres. SHADO vehicles are offered in leasing partnership with local and international fleet operators to bring a dependable and well maintained electric fleet solution to new emerging markets.

By providing a partnership model, SHADO commits to quality, standardization and safety to our fleet operator partners.

SHADO is technologically supported by our international and local industry partners such as :

– HORIZON ENERGY SYSTEMS (Singapore) Pte Ltd (for fuel cell-lithium power systems),
– Elix Wireless (Canada) Ltd (for wireless charging) and
– GMV Group (for application software)

SHADO Unique Features

Vehicle Design
Height of vehicle. Wheel size and ground clearance to handle the worst of road conditions (e.g. potholes, bumps, rocks)

Water protection. Electric components are shielded and positioned high in the vehicle to provide further protection

Robust Engine manufactured by SHADO under license from Lynch Motor Company (UK).

Electronics from Canada and Europe.

Light but Safe Designed by an experienced car designer (ex-Volvo).

Comfort and Confidence
Air-conditioning system with optional power using gasoline or hydrogen electric generators.

Separate power for air-conditioning and main drive to give range confidence to driver when stopped in traffic

2-way 3G connectivity to Headquarters

Research and Development
SHADO has partnered with technology leading companies based in Singapore, Canada and Europe to deliver new ongoing capabilities on behalf of our Fleet Operator partners.

These include :-
Autonomous Driving capability
Enhanced in-vehicular location-based advertising
-Introduction of Hydrogen Fuel Cell Electric Generators
Improved Electric Motor Designs

What People Say

Ben Lim Founder, SHADO
SHADO shape was envisaged during a brainstorming session in Laos. The key principles of our design was to develop an European class vehicle for emerging markets.

Understanding the challenges of poor road conditions and adverse weather of heat and rain coupled with a general lack of technical knowledge in Electric Vehicles, we formulated a robust ‘Ship-in-a-box’ design that allowed local distributors to develop their EV knowledge by partnering and leveraging SHADO.

  • SHADO self service Recharge

    Customers have the option to setup simple self service battery swapping

  • SHADO onsite Recharge

    • SHADO could offer onsite battery swapping service
    • SHADO car recovery service will endear confidence with customers

  • SHADO SWAP Station

    SHADO SWAP Station will cater to high volume of vehicles with automated swapping services


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