Pushing EV Boundaries.

At SHADO, we are pushing the boundaries of enabling electrical commercial mobility.

In the beginning

It all started one day in 2011, sitting in Laos, speaking with our local partners about the challenges of a developing country saddled with the need to find foreign currency to import fuel to drive its growing economy. Electric Vehicles is the answer to break the chain.

With an electric vision to operate an electric taxi fleet in Luang Prabang to showcase electric mobility, we quickly learned the challenges of going electric in a new emerging market.

With many lessons going beyond the initial capital to buy an Electric fleet, we learnt the issues of managing space for charging, availability of power, vehicle durability, its maintenance, sourcing of replacement parts and, most importantly, knowledgeable people are all factors towards building a viable business.

We bought cheaper EVs and found out suppliers are concerned with price rather than durability. We tried battery swapping to address the long charging times and lack of charging space and created an operational nightmare of people and inventory control.

Our challenges started my journey to build a better solution, SHADO.

The Ambition

SHADO’s approach begins with keeping EV affordable and to mimic today’s behaviour. More importantly, we believe the move towards electric mobility goes much beyond policies and should include a Nation’s mind by bringing EV closer to the country’s people through their businesses and their daily lives.

We're Making Commercial EV Mobility Profitable.

SHADO is on a mission to make Commercial EV profitable. That means more than selling vehicles. It means thinking of every possible scenario that could affect the fleet owner in high-mileage operations.


Our products and solutions must be able to endure – even excel – in the tough conditions that fleet owners demand.


SHADO’s products and services must, to the furthest extent possible, perform at a comparable level as fuel-based vehicles.


SHADO doesn’t just sell vehicles – we sell a peace of mind at the same time. We must support each and every fleet owner thoroughly.


Profit motivates fleet owners to believe in EVs. We must consider the need for EV owners to profit, and must think of innovative ways to help them achieve more.

What We Do

SHADO meets the demand for higher performance yet affordable Electric Vehicle (EV) technology and charging infrastructure for congested cities in developing countries.


Confidently convert your fleet into EV with SHADO.


Meet the next-generation EV workhorse - the SHADO ERICK.


Innovative charging solutions, including 5-minute charge times.

Some Of Our Customers

SHADO has developed bespoke custom engineering services and components to

some of the best brands in the APAC region.

Featured Everywhere

Since SHADO’s launch, we’ve been picked up and quoted throughout different news outlets, citing a new era in EV mobility.

Bloomberg Quint

“The zero-emission three-wheeler is designed to work in urban environments… has a range of 70-km per charge and is capable of operating at high ambient temperatures and exceeds gasoline, CNG and diesel vehicles in performance”

Economic Times

“The three-wheeler, branded as ERICK, is among the latest electric vehicle (EV) technologies based on affordable low-voltage, high-performance instantly-charged transportation mode”


“For the mass adoption of electric vehicles in Asia to really take off, we need to look into the region’s entrepreneurs to make it happen”


“SHADO have brought in a revolutionary proprietary battery technology… offering a battery life of more than ten years”


EV Conversion Simplified.

Confidently convert your fleet into Electric Vehicles with SHADO. The SHADO Electrans is the obvious choice for fleet owners looking for reliable and profitable EV conversion.


The Workhorses Of The Future.

ERICK is the next-generation instantly-charged electric 3-wheeler. Get performance equivalent to traditional-fueled vehicles, without sacrificing time or safety.


Less Waiting, More Working.

SHADO’s DropCharge solutions offer a comprehensive suite of options for your fleet to charge from. Learn how our On-Grid/Off-Grid options can help you work anywhere, anytime.

Our Team

SHADO’s team comprises of experienced EV specialists and businessmen to help you get the most out of your fleet.

Michael Dobbs-Higginson

Chairman & Non-Executive Director

Tommy Ah Teck

Non-Exec Director

Ben Lim

Co-CEO, Executive Director
(Head Of SE Asia Business)

Dr. Saurabh Markandeya

Co-CEO & Executive Director (Head of R&D)

Kajal Shah

Head of Engineering & Executive Director (Head of India Business)

Hendrik Soewatdy

Non-Executive Director & Head of SAMI

Justin Sim

Head of Power Storage, Charging & New Technologies

Tran Anh Ngan

Financial Controller

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