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From issues like charging infrastructure, to “dubious” performances of Electric Vehicles for fleet operations, speak to us about your EV fleet challenges, and see how SHADO can help you to streamline your EV fleet implementation.

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We'll talk about the challenges of running a traditional-fueled fleet and where you stand.

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We'll talk about your unique fleet requirements, and what the modern fleet demands.

What SHADO Can Do

We'll discuss the innovative options that SHADO provides you to lead your industry in the EV revolution.

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In this comprehensive appointment, we’ll cover key important questions on your fleet, and what SHADO can do to help.

What Are The Different Challenges Your Fleet Faces?

In the run up to adopt Electric Vehicles in your fleet operations, there are significant challenges that you must overcome. 

Lack of charging stations and lackluster performances of EVs for work make EV a hard sell for your business…Until SHADO.

Learn how SHADO’s solutions can help you transit to EVs for without sacrificing performance or profit.

What Are The Potential Risks & Returns Of EV Fleets?

If you’re considering EV implementation in your fleet for the first time, it can be a numbing decision to make.

SHADO EV Fleet specialists will provide you with all the relevant answers to your questions – giving you a complete picture of what your EV fleet implementation will look like – before you take the leap.

How Can SHADO Help Me Profit?

Ultimately, as fleet owners, we’re interested in one thing – profit.

Learn from our SHADO experts how SHADO technology helps you to save cost, reduce the need for expensive charging infrastructure, and even open new avenues of profit.

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If you are seriously considering EV implementation for your fleet, SHADO can help you get there profitably.

Tell us about your EV aspirations, and we’ll get a SHADO EV Specialist to find a profitable EV solution with you.