Convert your fleet to EV without sacrificing performance or profitability.

Designed To Do Work

Electrans FD is designed to handle the tough demands of commercial work, and engineered for long use.

Tough Work Enabled

Electrans’ components are custom designed, materially specified, and endurance tested to last anywhere.

Safe. Powerful.

Electrans-powered fleets work safe with 48V operations, while giving you high performance as standard vehicles.

Infinite Transmission Equals Better Fleets

Fixed Drive (FD) Transmission

Infinite Variable Transmission (IVT)

Besides our standard Fixed Drive Transmission, SHADO offers a more powerful variant, ELECTRANS IVT, the only Powertrain in the world that features multi-speed transmission in a conversion kit. SHADO’s ELECTRANS IVT consists of 2 units of low -voltage electric motor (72V and up to 2 x 30 kW), its patented Infinitely Variable Transmission, and its custom-designed liquid-cooled motor controller capable of handling up to 60kW of power operating continuously at high ambient temperatures (up to 60 °C).

This unique setup lets your EV deliver extreme torque at low RPM without compromising top speed. Unlike geared transmission, SHADO’s IVT transmission ratio is smooth and infinite with less moving parts than today’s geared transmission.

Climb, Carry, Lift, Transport. All Possible With Electrans.

SHADO’s power controllers are designed to work efficiently with our electric motors and transmission power train system, thanks to our proprietary software. Using different programmable software profiles of different power curves and drivability, SHADO works with you to customize the motor power and vehicle performance to optimize maximum motor efficiency in relation to load, hill slope and driver expectation for your unique fleet purpose.

Many of today’s single-speed EVs require larger powered motors to match SHADO’s powertrain performance. Using larger motors without multi-speed transmission, however, implies higher voltage and larger batteries, meaning shorter battery life, fire hazards and higher costs for your vehicles.

Adverse Temperature Resistant

Electrans is designed to work in adverse temperatures ranging from -25 to +55 degree Celsius.

Easily Maintainable

Electrans is designed to be easily taken apart and repaired, meaning less fleet holding costs.

Do Work Anywhere

Electrans is designed to do work - regardless of the conditions your vehicles are placed in.

Rugged. Durable. Long-Lasting.

SHADO’s Electrans FD is manufactured under the most stringent of standards, so that you get more out of your fleet. The result is an EV Powertrain with a substantially longer operating life and durability to help your fleet vehicles provide that commercially important extra usage mileage. SHADO’s powertrain and electronics are designed to operate in adverse road and weather conditions. In addition, the powertrain is designed and tested for vibration, water resistance, and high-temperature tolerance.

Specially Tuned For Maximum Efficiency.

Every ELECTRANS power train is tuned and balanced to operate at maximum efficiency, optimizing power consumption, motor efficiency, wheel RPM and torque.

What's The Right Motor Power?

What's The Right Motor Controllers?

What's the Right Motor Transmission Ratio?

Electrans Is Customised For Your Fleet

What's In The Electrans Bundle?

The Adarin Electrans Powertrain is available as a bundled power train package customisable to your fleet’s needs, so your EV conversion is as smooth as possible.

PMDC Motor With A Blower

“PMDC” motors (Permanent Magnet Direct Current) of various size and power range licensed by us on an exclusive basis from Lynch Motors (UK), a reputable and field-proven Electric “Pancake” Motor design.

Transmission With a Differential

Various configurations consisting of FD and IVT variants and min-max gear ratio range to suit your various fleet needs.

Liquid Cooled Motor Controller

SHADO controllers have been designed in-house to withstand high ambient temperature operations. The IVT version also comes with micro-controller intelligence to operate 2 separate motors in line with its required power-curve formula.

Modular UC Pack (0.5kWh)

An 48V instant charging pack, powered by ultracapacitors. Ultracapacitor batteries charge at 20x faster and last up to 10 years.

DC - DC Converter

A converter that powers essential electrical components on the vehicle, such as wipers and lights. Converts 48V battery power to 12V for safe use.

Digital Display

Monitors vehicle operations and provides mission-critical information about key vehicle components, such as the motor and motor controller.

VCU (Onboard Diagnostics)

Monitors vehicle operations and provides mission-critical information about key vehicle components, such as the motors, and the motors’ controller.

All In With You To Create A Profitable EV Fleet.

SHADO invested years of research into Electrans and its other components to help fleet owners like yourself create a profitable EV Fleet.

We spared no detail so you can finally reap the benefits of going EV without the burden of grappling with potential problems of traditional EV.

  • Coupled with SHADO’s instant charging technology, your fleet is ready to go within 5 minutes/charge.
  • The SHADO Care Program gives you an option to secure your fleet with yearly first-party maintainence for Electrans and Adarin components.
  • You’re in control. Electrans comes with back-lit digital displays and onboard diagnostics so you know exactly what is happening, and why.
  • Every 5 minute charge lets your Electrans-powered vehicle do work for 70km.

Get Covered Up To 5 Years With SHADO Care.

SHADO gives you peace of mind when you convert your fleet with us. With an option to sign up for a 5-year SHADO Care Coverage on your fleet vehicles, and our local Support System that keeps your fleet running smoothly all-day, you’re not just investing in EV. You’re investing in reliability and superior performance in every aspect.

Onboard Diagnostics & Fleet Analytics

Every vehicle converted with Electrans gives fleet owners like yourself in-depth analytics and key data about your EVs. 

From power utilization, mechanical efficiency, temperature, to located-based telemetry of your fleet, you’re in control.

SHADO Care Up To 5 Years

Every Electrans system that you use to convert your fleet vehicle with automatically comes with a 1 year manufacturer warranty. On top of that, SHADO gives you the option to opt in the SHADOCare Program, where we maintain your fleet’s operability on a yearly basis, up to 5 years.

Let's Talk EV Conversion Now

The Electrans empowers your fleet with all the benefits of EV, without having to worry about the downsides that traditional EV causes you.

Speak to SHADO today, and let's discuss how we can help you convert your fleet profitably and reliably.