All Fast Charging. All Powerful. All ERICK.

ERICK is SHADO’s all-new fast charging, heavy duty Electric Three Wheeler Vehicle specially built for high-mileage fleets operating in congested cities.

Charge For 5, Go For 70.

With a simple 5 minute charge that lasts for 70km, ERICK is the fleet owner’s best option for getting more work done without the frustrations of losing power. With ERICK, there’s no more problems of holding costs and long charging times. They simply don’t exist in the world of ERICK. 

ERICK is the only Electric Three-Wheeler in the market that offers a 5-10 minute charge that lasts for 70km.

This Is What Next Gen Workhorses Look Like

Powered by SHADO’s Electrans technology, with Ultracapacitor batteries, ERICK is highly durable and highly capable of operating in adverse environments. 

With load capacity of up to 500kg, and operating in difficult (-25 to +60°C) and hilly terrain (18% gradient), ERICK easily handles the heavy strains that today’ EVs find difficult; while operating at low voltages, without compromising performance.

With ERICK, the future of Electric Three-Wheelers isn’t far off. In fact, you’re looking at it.

Carry Up To 500kg

With a load carrying capacity of up to 500kg, ERICK Shuttle is designed to meet today’s high-usage operations in emerging countries, more positively comparable to today’s fuel-based Vehicles.

Improve Profit

With less moving parts, longer lasting life, and the ability to operate your fleet 24/7, ERICK helps improve your fleet’s profitability as compared to conventional fuel- powered vehicles.​

Tough Conditions Ready

ERICK is built to handle the extreme demands of congested, high-mileage operations. Our batteries and powertrain handle temperatures from -25 to +60°C while providing consistent high performance.

Charge In 5, Go For 70km

With a 5-Minute charging, ERICK introduces fleet owners to a new EV paradigm. No more cumbersome waiting times, or incurring hefty holding costs while charging - ERICK gives you the ability to operate your fleet vehicles 24/7.​

Work Should Be Easier With EV.

That's Why There's ERICK Truk.

ERICK Truk combines the benefits of ERICK Shuttle and SHADO technology to create a superior workhorse equal in power to fuel-based vehicles.

Finally, an EV ready to work.

Climb 18%, Carry Up To 500Kg

ERICK Truk gives your fleet the climbing and carrying power it needs to provide profitable return on your investment.

ERICK Truk is engineered to provide you with work power that is equivalent to traditional fuel-based vehicles. Climb slopes of up to 18% gradient, and carry up to 500kg.

Top Speeds Of 50km/hr

Steady yet powerful when you need it, fast when your deadline demands it.

Powered by SHADO’s Powertrain with infinite gears, ERICK Truk can match your workforce’s demands for greater power or speed to get to your work on time, and on target.

Charging That Makes Perfect Sense.

Not only does ERICK take 5 minutes to charge, SHADO offers fleet owners like yourself a suite of charging options that make absolute business sense. 

We’ve spent years of research fine-tuning every little detail so that your fleet wastes no unnecessary time doing what nobody wants: paying for long charging times.

  • ERICK’s ultracapacitor battery technology is years ahead of traditional lithium-ion or lead acid batteries, meaning safer, faster, and more durable charging.
  • SHADO provides 3 innovative options for you to charge your fleet. You’re no longer bounded by charging only at your home base.
  • Don’t just pay for charging: profit from it. Invest in your own knit-a-grid program, and earn charging revenue from your very own charging network.

Batteries That Charge In 5 Minutes.

Powering ERICK beneath the hood is SHADO’s ultracapacitor batteries – a safer, faster charging, and and more durable battery compared to lithium or lead acid batteries.

Ultracapacitor Batteries

Simple, Flexible, Accessible Charging

When you purchase an ERICK, your fleet rarely runs into any downtime at all. That’s because SHADO offers you 3 easy ways to charge ERICK for 5 minutes, so that your fleet can continue working anytime, anywhere.

DropCharge Grid/Home (On-Grid)

A high-power DC charging station connected to the City’s Electricity Grid, specifically designed to charge the Power Storage system in minutes.

DropCharge Mobile (Off-Grid)

A mobile battery bank that can offer remote charging to your fleets, especially in areas without access to the city’s electrical grid.

DropCharge Solar (Grid/Mobile)

A self-sufficient charger that is powered by solar energy. Similar to off-grid chargers, this charger can be placed in remote areas to power your fleet.

Standard Warranty

SHADO offers up to 3 years manufacturing defect warranty on ERICK.

SHADO offers comprehensive coverage for ERICK against manufacturing defects – except normal wear and tear.


However, for a peace of mind, SHADO offers SHADOCare – a comprehensive maintenance contract that includes servicing, all-parts replacements or any defect, including wear and tear.

Breakeven Fast. Faster.

Ask us about a business case for 500 vehicles operating in a typical city, we can show you savings of 30% or more per annum.

Get ERICK In Your Fleet

SHADO’s ERICK is the all-new fast charging, heavy duty Electric Three Wheeler of choice if you’re looking to build a profitable and sustainable high-mileage Electric Fleet in congested cities.

Speak to us today about your unique fleet needs.