SHADO Group introduces instant-charging EV ERICK

This post originated from New Indian Express.

Singapore-based SHADO Group has become the latest entrant into the fast-expanding last-mile electric vehicles (EVs) segment, with the company unveiling a new electric-powered three-wheeler called ERICK this week.

According to company executives, the product is a high-performance instantly-charged electric three-wheeler with a maximum range of 70 km and capable of operating at high ambient temperatures, a must for the Indian market. The primary selling point of the new EV, however, will be SHADO’s proprietary ultra-capacitor battery, which the firm claims will be able to reach full charge in just five minutes. Designed and manufactured by Bengaluru-based Adarin Engineering Tech following its merger with SHADO Group in 2017.

According to SHADO co-CEO and executive director Saurabh Markandeya, the product’s instant charging feature is oriented towards solving the issue of long charging time. He said,“EVs should match conventional vehicles in cost, performance, durability, and charging infrastructure…”

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