Automaker Shado Group from Singapore will soon introduce a new electric three-wheeler called Erick. This 3-wheeler may launch in the Indian market. It will be available in two models-passenger and cargo. Its makers claim that the 3-wheeler can cover a range of 70km.

The primary highlight of Erick is its ultra-capacitor battery. This will enable the vehicle to charge up completely in only five minutes. Shado Group also aims to set up mobile power banks in various cities. It also plans to initiate fixed charging stations to power up the EVs. These stations may get their power from solar energy.

Shado group’s Co-CEO says that battery system of Erick is 20 times better than other existing EVs in the market. It will not degrade in adverse temperature.

The 3-wheeler Erick will develop under the make in India program. The Singaporean firm will join hands with the Adarin Engineering Technologies of Bengaluru. The latter will manufacture the 3-wheeler. A production facility may be set up in Pune. The Shado Group is looking forward to investing US$10 million in this project. They have a target to manufacture up to 1000 units of EV per month.

Erick is powered with a low voltage motor. It teams up with a liquid-cooled motor controller. This will deliver maximum torque at lower speeds. The EV will perform efficiently even when it is moving at a slower speed. Also,  heavy cargo load won’t deter its performance.

Shado Group’s EV Erick does look promising for the Indian market. People who may not own an EV can book ride on this 3-wheeler. Cab companies like UBER and OLA may use it in their fleet. This will promote the use of electric vehicles in India to a great extent.