Shado Group Unveils Erick Instant Charging Electric Three-Wheeler

This post originated from ElectronicsB2B.

The Shado Group, based in Singapore, announced the Erick instant charging electric three-wheeler. Developed by Shado Group’s Adarin Engineering Technologies, Erick specializes in the Indian commercial market and claims to be able to operate at high ambient temperatures for 70 kilometers per charge and exceeds the performance of conventional gasoline, CNG and diesel vehicles.

An important product highlight is the proprietary supercapacitor battery, which is said to be able to charge in as little as 5 minutes! Autocar reported that the Shado Group said its low-voltage, high-performance Electrans powertrain can be used commercially for safer low-voltage motors since it has “instant charging” facility.

The group said it will address energy infrastructure issues by creating “mobile power” that can be located anywhere in the city and a fixed charging station connected to the existing infrastructure. It provides this functionality via a grid-connected fixed charging station or off-grid mobile solar charging point.

Technology used

Autocar stated that the powertrain within the Erick is powered by ‘Electrans’, an indigenously developed electric powertrain consisting of a low-voltage motor integrated with differential and a liquid-cooled motor controller, delivering extreme torque even at low speeds. This means that users can transport heavy loads (up to 500kg) while managing a range of hill slopes without any loss of performance. Electrans, according to the company, may also be used in other vehicle and chassis types. It can also be used to convert existing fossil fuel-powered auto-rickshaws, cars and light trucks.

The ultra-capacitor battery uses di-electric material that does not produce any chemical reaction (unlike traditional lithium-Ion batteries) meaning they last much longer and charge quicker. The battery performance is managed by Shado Group’s proprietary AI-based self-learning algorithm for passive and active balancing, ensuring consistent power output and efficient charging.

Make in India

Shado Group said it will invest more than USD10 million (around Rs 71 crore) in a plant in Pune, India, for two years. The group plans to produce 1,000 units per month for the Indian market. These vehicles were designed and manufactured by Adarin Engineering Technologies of Bangalore after the merger with the Shado Group.

By working with companies, Shado said its goal is to bring together city-wide charging infrastructure to stimulate consumer adoption of large-scale electric vehicles.

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